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Red Hen Press, a Los Angeles independent publisher founded by Kate Gale, offers poetry readings, poetry contests, book awards, and more.

Executive Board and Staff



Board of Directors
Ann Beman, Chair
Benjamin B. Bolger
Nancy Boutin
Mark E. Cull
Kate Gale
Lester Graves Lennon
David Mainelli
Bianca Richards
Louise Ritchie
Andrew Seiple

Managing Editor
Kate Gale

Publisher/Executive Director
Mark E. Cull

Operations Manager
Tobi Harper

Marketing Associate
Alisa Trager

Rebecca Baumann

Associate Publisher
Selena Trager

Lead Designer
Cassidy Trier

Associate Editor
Keaton Maddox

Editorial Assistant 
Reba Nutting

Development Associate
Taline Rumaya

Narek Unjugulyan