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Red Hen Press, a Los Angeles independent publisher founded by Kate Gale, offers poetry readings, poetry contests, book awards, and more.

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Most Red Hen titles are available through our website. You can browse through them in our online catalog. You can also order all our titles over the phone directly from our distributor, the Chicago Distribution Center, by calling 800-621-2736. Certain titles can also be ordered directly from the Red Hen office. For information, please call 626-356-4760 or email marketing@redhen.org.

For those of you in book clubs, we have a book club discount!

If you prefer old-fashioned physical interaction, we encourage you to ask for Red Hen titles at your local bookstore. Find an independent bookstore near you here.


Examination copies: If you would like to review any title for possible course use, examination copies are available for $5. Please make your request on school letterhead and describe the course for which the title is being considered.

Desk copies: We are pleased to provide desk copies free of charge to instructors who have adopted a title for classroom use. Send your request on official school letterhead listing your school’s address, course name, anticipated class enrollment, and class starting date.

Please send all examination and desk copy requests to:

Red Hen Press
Attn: Course Adoptions
P.O. Box 40820
Pasadena, CA 91114

or to



All bookstore, library, and wholesale orders should be directed to our regular distributors or to a wholesaler or jobber of your choice. Red Hen Press titles are distributed to the book trade by the Chicago Distribution Center.

Chicago Distribution Center
11030 South Langley
Chicago, IL 60628
800-621-2736 Telephone
800-621-8476 Fax

U.S. Sales Representation

Sales Director
John Kessler

Arizona, California, Metro New York, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas
Gary Hart
818-956-0527 Telephone
818-243-4676 Fax

Connecticut, Delaware, Eastern Pennsylvania, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington DC
Blake DeLodder
301 322-4509 Telephone
301 583-0376 Fax

Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota, Western New York, Western Pennsylvania, Wisconsin
Bailey Walsh
608 218-1669 Telephone
608 218-1670 Fax

Alaska, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Utah, Washington, Wyoming
George Carroll
Redsides Publishing Services
425 922-1045 Telephone
425 671-0362 Fax

Florida (except Panhandle), Southern Georgia
Geoff Rizzo
Southern Territory Associates
772 223-7776 Telephone
772 223-7131 Fax

Nashville, TN.
Janet Fairchild
Southern Territory Associates
931 358-9446 Telephone
931 358-5892 Fax

North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, East Tennessee
Angie Smits
Southern Territory Associates
336 574-1879 Telephone
336 275-3290 Fax

Georgia,  Chattanooga, TN; Florida Panhandle
Teresa Rolfe Kravtin
Southern Territory Associates
706 882-9014 Telephone
706 882-4105 Fax

Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, West Tennessee, Alabama
Tom Caldwell
PMB 492
6221 S. Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, LA 70125
773 450-2695 Telephone



For any questions regarding the sale of Red Hen titles, please contact:

Alisa Trager
Red Hen Press
P.O. Box 40820
Pasadena, CA 91114
Phone: 626 356-4760
Fax: 626 356-9974