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Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize



Letras Latinas, the literary initiative of the University of Notre Dame’s Institute for Latino Studies, in partnership with Red Hen Press in Pasadena, CA, is pleased to support the publication of a second or third full-length book of poems by a Latino or Latina poet. The Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize is awarded every other year.

Award details

Book publication by Red Hen Press
Final Judge: TBD
Deadline: January 15, 2020

Note: No entry fee. Manuscript must be 50 pages minimum to 100 pages maximum. Entries will be accepted via US Mail, postmarked no later than January 15, 2020 to

Francisco Aragón
Coordinator, Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize
Institute for Latino Studies
230 McKenna Hall
University of Notre Dame
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Upon publication of the winning book, Letras Latinas will make every effort to secure invitations to read in Los Angeles, Chicago, New York, and Washington, D.C.


A) TWO hard copies of your manuscript must be submitted.
B) Manuscripts must be of original poetry, in English, by one poet who resides the United States. There are no restrictions on the style of poetry or subject matter. Translations are not eligible.
C) The manuscript must be a minimum of 50 numbered pages and a maximum of 100 numbered pages in length. All manuscripts must be paginated. Each new poem must start a new page.
D) The manuscript should begin with unnumbered frontmatter: a title page that shows the book’s title and your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address; a table of contents; and (if applicable) a list of acknowledgements.
E) Include a single title page with nothing else on it in order to facilitate the blind reading of your manuscript on the part of the final judge.

Please refer to the following site for full submission guidelines, Letras Latinas.

Procedures and Ethical Considerations

Latino or Latina poets who have had one or two full-length books of poetry professionally published: to establish eligibility, authors are required to include with their submission a photocopy of both the title and copyright page of a first or second book of poems. Authors who have published three or more full-length books of poetry are not eligible.

Manuscripts may be submitted elsewhere simultaneously, but authors must notify the Institute for Latino Studies immediately if a manuscript becomes committed to another press. It is understood that, in the absence of such notification, the winning author is committed to publishing his/her manuscript with Red Hen Press. A manuscript committed to another press is not eligible for the Letras Latinas / Red Hen Poetry Prize. Employees and students of the University of Notre Dame and employees and board members of Red Hen Press are not eligible. Also, in the interest of widening the circle, winners of the Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize – the Letras Latinas first book award – are not eligible.

The Institute for Latino Studies reserves the right to withhold the “Letras Latinas/Red Hen Poetry Prize” in any given year.

Letras Latinas Award Winners

2019 – A Camera Obscura by Carl Marcum
Judged by Carmen Giménez Smith

2017 – Beasts Behave In Foreign Land by Ruth Irupé Sanabria
Judged by Lorna Dee Carvantes

2015 – The Gravedigger’s Archaeology by William Archila
Judged by Orlando Ricardo Menes

2013 – Speaking Wiri Wiri by Dan Vera
Judged by Orlando Ricardo Menes