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The 69 Test

According to Marshal Zeringue,

“PIGS asks readers to think about the way we use perspective to direct what we’re willing to acknowledge about the world” and it “passes the page 69 test with its own brand of strange but flying colors.”
Check out the blog post here:


Live Signing!

Landon Houle will be hosting a release and signing for Living Things at 7 p.m. on Oct.19 at Seminar Brewing. The event features readings by Houle and her students as well as live music from the Thrift Store Cowboys. Those not attending can get a copy of Living Things at https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-4985020-1458.html


Elizabeth Bradfield began as a seafaring deckhand only to be marooned at a desk upon returning home. Hear her discuss how a visit to a bookstore inspired Toward Antarctica on National Public  Radio. https://www.capeandislands.org/post/towards-antarctica?fbclid=IwAR0nUJ2KtsE1oabd5txXqXeyz5WXEKmarMmTSEnIpGjkVwPYKImD0En6kf0#stream/0

Read her book at https://aerbook.com/maker/productcard-4461537-1458.html?fbclid=IwAR1Z1h3FTY0JmORdxLbSbFYQDRKYuDluT01ODCAnpEcngPLVrOAgd43d-rQ

Follow Your Weird

“Work-In-Progress” features Johanna Stoberock in conversation with Leslie Pietrzyk about how you should “follow your weird” within the creative process.

The Gravity of Ableism

“Ableism is woven into urban spaces and the minds of able-bodied people as deeply and indestructibly as white supremacy and patriarchy. ”

Allies Think We Understand Ableism, but I Didn’t Until I Was Disabled

Elizabeth Earley’s essay deeply examines disability in a hostile world. Find more of Earley’s writing at https://redhenpress.org/…/like-wings-your-hands-by-elizabet…

Uncomfortable Beauty

Pigs “is the writing of a woman who considers the breaking and the growth of beings. I am always struck with her ability to describe uncomfortable beauty. She explores unquestioned roles and rules, the pain we stifle and the pain we commit, and the process of change and release and giving as sacrifice.” Read about Augusta Sparks Farnum’s personal connection to Stoberock’s work. https://www.union-bulletin.com/local_columnists/questioning_artists/whitman-college-professor-pens-new-novel-pigs/article_4120d388-e55d-11e9-891a-67f9a8c275d0.html?fbclid=IwAR3oM3fZzqFuUIyVj2SU3QiWNNaPjBMhud-QqsMVXX_y1y4UvAYqMJ8hPjE

To read Pigs head over to its new home.


Booklist is not bluffing in this review!

UNDER NASHAGAK BLUFF is “beautifully written, Heavener’s evocative debut paints a moody, vivid picture of a Native culture undergoing change” according to Joan Curbow of Booklist. Check out the article once it goes live on October 15, 2019!

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March #ChickenFeat Contest


The Rules

  1. Every month we will introduce a new contest. It may be a caption contest, a photography contest, a quiz or a trivia contest! Keep your eye on your inboxes and on Red Hen’s social media accounts for the latest updates.
  2. The judge of the contest will be a different Red Hen Press staff member every month! 
  3. Every submission gives you one entry to win a bundle of Red Hen books that will change every month! Depending on the contest, multiple entries may give you multiple chances to win!
  4. Submissions will be accepted via social media and email sent to media@redhen.org with the subject line [MONTH] #ChickenFeat. Submissions close on the 20th of every month.
  5. Winners will be announced on the 25th of every month. New contests will be announced on the first of every month.
  6. Contests will run monthly until September 25.
  7. Winners of the monthly contest will then be entered into a pool to win the Grand Prize of two (2) complimentary tickets to our annual Champagne Benefit at the end of October or the equivalent value in books and broadsides.


Submission Guidelines

Please include your full name and your email address with your entry so we know how to reach you!



Judge: Tansica Sun, Marketing Assistant

Prize: In celebration of Red Hen Press’ 2019 Spring release, March’s prize is a bundle of poetry and prose titles due for publication in April! Depending on availability, the winner may receive galleys in lieu of final copies.

The World Began With Yes
 by Erica Jong
Sunbathing on Tyrone Power’s Grave by Kim Dower
Wild Honey, Tough Salt by Kim Stafford

The Question Authority by Rachel Cline
Sex & Taipei City by Yu-Han Chao


Locate the below garaphic on one or all of RHP’s social media platforms (Hint: we’re on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram). All you have to do is just retweet, repost, and share the graphic and you’ll be enter to win FIVE books!

Not on social media? No problem. Just save the above image and forward it to your friends! However, you may NOT BCC your friend list and you must remember to CC marketingassist@redhen.org. Deadline ends March 20th. Winner will be announced March 25th!