Ron Koertge has a plan for National Poetry Month!

Date: April 7, 2021

“Poetry leaves room for silence. And poetry makes room for questions that are unanswerable and for them to sit there.” —Richard Blanco April is National Poetry Month — an annual […]

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Prarie Schooner Winter 2009 Review

Date: March 10, 2010

Steve Huff's Book, More Daring EscapesReviewed in Prarie SchoonerWinter 2009 Editiion Steven Huff. More Daring Escapes. Red Hen Press.Dan Bellm. Practice. Sixteen Rivers Press.Reviewed by Marilyn Krysl‘‘False words are not […]

A Tree Putting Forth Green Leaves

Date: February 8, 2010

Alicia Ostriker reviews Judy Grahn's Love Belongs to Those Who Do the Feeling anthology. The review appears in the September/October edition of the Women's Review, and you can read the […]

Praise for Suck on the Marrow

Date: February 6, 2010

Advance Praise for Suck on the Marrow: “Camille Dungy’s important new collection, Suck on the Marrow, explores the lives of African Americans in the 19th century, illuminating parts of slave […]

Katie Spielberger’s Review of Double Moon

Date: January 12, 2010

Spielberger's review begins: "Double Moon: Constructions & Conversations" is one of the best books I've come across recently, and that it can be placed on the "Alaskan Shelf" makes it […]

Katie Spielberger Reviews Leaving Resurrection

Date: January 12, 2010

Katie Spielberger begins her review:I first learned about Eva Saulitis last November during the Maritime Grind at Sitka WhaleFest, when I heard this killer whale biologist read from a from […]

Dale Van Every Reviews Silverstein and Me

Date: January 12, 2010

Although it saw extended periods of minimal contact, one of the friendships that lasted a lifetime for Silverstein was with childhood pal and fellow cartoonist Marv Gold. Gold’s recent memoir, […]

Deborah Bogen Reviews Cartographies

Date: January 12, 2010

Cartographies: Uncollected Poems: 1980-2005, by Maurya Simon (Red Hen Press, 2008)The cover of Cartographies is a photograph of a bronze by New Mexican sculptor, Katherine Wells. It’s a female torso […]

Susanna Roxman Review of Ghost Orchid

Date: January 12, 2010

Ghost Orchid by Maurya Simon, Red Hen Press, USA, 80 pp., ISBN 1-888996-84-6 In earlier poetry collections, such as The Golden Labyrinth (University of Missouri Press, 1995), set in India, […]

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