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Safe Suicide: review by Rand Richards Cooper

Date: May 7, 2009

Safe Suicide reviewed by Rand Richards Cooper in AMHERST MAGAZINE, fall 2008In Safe Suicide, the Boston-based novelist, professor and editor DeWitt Henry has collected his autobiographical essays first published in […]

Andrew Kozma’s review in American Book Reviews

Date: May 6, 2009

"Green is an intensely formal poet–not in tone, but in construction. Look at that table of contents again: five groups of ten. A desire for symmetry, some revelatory order. He […]

4-stars, Emerging Writers Network

Date: May 6, 2009

Dan Wickett, on the widely-read blog for his Emerging Writers Network, lists Earthquake I.D. as one of the best books of 2007, and awards it 4 stars. "A great, jam-packed […]

Thomas Burke, long rave review, LITERARY REVIEW

Date: May 6, 2009

Praise for Earthquake I.D. from Thomas Burke, in THE LITERARY REVIEW (50/3, Spring 2007): "an exploration of contrasts: opulence and destitution; the loved, the loving, and the dissatisfied; intractable guilt, […]

Library Journal Issue 5/Arts and Humanities

Date: May 2, 2009

"Everything I write requires this: Alphabet." A child sees letters first, "shape distinguishing itself from its background," but soon we lose the innocence of that first encounter to ideas of […]

Sholeh Wolpe’s Rooftops of Tehran

Date: April 22, 2009

Sholeh Wolpe's Rooftops of Tehran is that truly rare event: an important book of poetry. Brushing against the grain of Persian-Islamic culture, she sings a deep affection for what she […]

The Critic’s Pen review of Future Ship

Date: April 19, 2009

Perhaps there is no present, and existence is built of the alterable past moving into the alterable future, and then through the opaque door of death. Or perhaps there is […]

One Poet’s Notes, Valparaiso Poetry Review

Date: April 18, 2009, APRIL 2, 2007Leslie Heywood: THE PROVING GROUNDSLeafing through the work in Leslie Heywood's premiere book of poetry, The Proving Grounds, one quickly becomes accustomed to uncovering sometimes uncomfortable and […]

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