Amy Shearn on the Narrative Usefulness of Ghosts

Brad Listi: You’re concerned with the occult as well in your book, and you’re sort of braiding together all these different strands. And I’m just curious to know, have you seen a ghost? Is this something you’ve been fascinated with for a long time? Did you see a ghost and was this something that prompted you to weave it into your fiction?

Amy Shearn: Good question. Am I a ghost? Are we all ghosts? We can get there.

You know, I think that I’m like a Fox Mulder ghost person. I want to believe. I love the idea of it, actually. It makes sense to me that you can’t just be alive or dead, and that there would be something in between. And narratively, it’s so useful to have that in-between space. There’s a ghost in the book and I always wanted her to be like a solid ghost. It’s not a figment of anyone’s imagination. It’s not like a Henry James Turn of the Screw, is it or isn’t it really a ghost? Like, I love a solid ghost. And she has a story to tell and eventually tells it.

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