Glorious Boy Reviews

“The most memorable and original novel I’ve read in ages. Aimee Liu… evokes every side in a multi-cultural conversation with sympathy and rare understanding.”—Pico Iyer

“A riveting amalgam of history, family epic, anticolonial/antiwar treatise, cultural crossroads, and more, this latest from best-selling author Liu is a fascinating, irresistible marvel.”—Library Journal, starred review

“This fascinating novel examines the many dimensions of war, from the tragedy of loss to the unexpected relationships formed during conflict. The Andamans are a lush and unusual setting, a sacred home to all kinds of cultures and people, and Liu’s prose is masterful. A good choice for book groups and for readers who are unafraid to be swept away.”—Booklist, starred review

“Liu upends the clichés of the white savior narrative.”—Publishers Weekly

“A testament to the lengths we will go for the ones we love.” –Rahna Reiko Rizzuto, author of Shadow Child and Hiroshima in the Morning

“Liu’s superb writing brings alive the strange days at the end of empire, from the torpid heat of the Andamanese jungles, to the bustle of metropolitan Calcutta… an epic drama of a family caught up in events beyond their control all the way through to the nail-biting ending.” — Authorlink

“Reminiscent of the tone and atmosphere of Somerset Maugham and George Orwell’s Asia-set novels, Glorious Boy is a Second World War story of adventure and loss, uniquely set in the Andaman Islands, one of India’s farthest flung territories” – Asian Review of Books

“So blisteringly alive you feel the swampy heat and the bugs, so emotionally true, it grips at every page. Just magnificent and not to be missed.” –Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You and Cruel Beautiful World

“The heart of this book is what it means to be a mother… How do we learn what isn’t instinct?  How do we protect ourselves and others from our own best intentions?  With a generous and exacting eye, Liu explores these questions and more, and we, lucky readers, get to go along on the ride.” –Karen Shepard, author of Kiss Me Someone

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