Drumming with Dead Can Dance and Parallel Adventures

Ulrich recounts his experiences as drummer/percussionist with Dead Can Dance through the 1980s, contributor to This Mortal Coil, and guest on other 4AD recordings. After leaving DCD for family reasons, he tracks their parallel paths—DCD’s demises and rebirths; solo careers of Lisa Gerrard, Brendan Perry, and his own; Gerrard’s co-creation of the Gladiator soundtrack; and Ulrich’s collaboration with producer Trebor Lloyd and a host of artists from the New York scene. Packed with detail from the formative period of Dead Can Dance, a fan’s-eye view of the later years (with the advantage of a backstage pass), and a broad sweep through just about every corner of the wider musical landscape.

Casebound ISBN: 9781636280738
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“…[G]reat book… one of the best memoirs I have read… honest, open and while very in-depth it is a fun and interesting book to read… You do not have to be a fan of Dead Can Dance, but if you are not, you will be once you have finished reading it.” —Aaron Badgley, Spill Magazine

“This book really does capture so much, so well, what it was like in the early days, both for struggling artists and the fledgling independent label community.” —Ivo Watts-Russell, founder 4AD Records

“Amazing feedback from the audience—everyone needs to buy the book. It’s a cracking read.”—Stoke Newington Literary Festival 2023, following Peter’s appearance

“…thrilling… so different from the typical sex-and-drugs-and-rock-and-roll memoir… really smart recount of a life in music.” Eric Alper, ‘That Eric Alper Show’, SiriusXM

“Getting a glimpse into the crucible of creation/re-creation was exhilarating…Through this memoir you can enjoy the view too, and see the inner world of a seminal and highly influential band as they rise into success.” —Benjamin Schreihals, Gothic Beauty Magazine

“A thoroughly absorbing memoir, filled with fascinating detail.” —Joanne Harris, author

“[Ulrich is] a natural writer, deftly weaving in tales of life… and affording cameos to those who burned brightly. A historical document of a vast musical landscape, this will fascinate those who weren’t there, and make misty those of us who were.” —Jane Cornwell, Songlines Magazine

Well, what a journey…fantastic read.” —Paul Erikson, original bassist of Dead Can Dance

“…in-depth memoir… very exciting… all those tiny details we wanted… Highly recommended.” Klemen Breznikar, It’s Psychedelic Baby Magazine

“…the book…It’s great! Tower Ballroom, Edgbaston – my first DCD gig. Lisa came on with a teacup and saucer.” —Glen Johnson, founder, singer, guitarist of Piano Magic

“…highly collectable piece of fan memorabilia for DCD devotees. Furthermore… richly descriptive recollections of the adventures in sound… other 4AD projects, including This Mortal Coil… a solo career and further collaborations… his preoccupation with possibilities of instrumentation reveals a unique passion… Ulrich’s devotion to the cause is impeccable.”—Bryony Hegarty, Louder Than War

“…a real treat to recall my own collaboration with Peter and our insanely eclectic adventures in creating The Painted Caravan trilogy.” —Treboy (Big T) Lloyd, founder, writer, producer of The Peter Ulrich Collaboration, head of City Canyons LLC

“Lively and entertaining… with sterling levels of recall… A voluminous, lengthy, extensive five stars.” —John Lloyd, Fox Books, Leicester, UK

“A wonderful and fascinating personal story… so many nuances and parts of the story that I didn’t realise… and… a lot of forgotten memories.”—Steve Webbon, Beggars Group

“…draws you in from the first chapter…”  —Gerry Armsby, customer reviewer on Amazon

“Part autobiography, part band biog, this is nothing if not unorthodox, but fully in keeping with the band that inspired it… the self-taught percussionist was closely involved in some of their defining records and shows, and his insights are often illuminating… Engagingly written”—Johnny Sharp, PROG Magazine

“…just finished the book… absolutely loved it!” —Greg Fasolino, “one of the foremost Goth and Post-Punk historians in the world (post-punk.com)”

“…full of warmth and affability… filled with anecdotes… Always seeing the upside of even the direst situations”  —Roi J Tamkin, Ink19

“…that story you tell about a dinner in Venice and then you present Lisa’s completely different recollection of the same event… I love that! We all have such faulty memories of what occurred. There is no reality!” —Sam Rosenthal, founder of Projekt Records and black tape for a blue girl

“…fascinating insight into Peter’s life and his work with DCD…”  —Jamil Ahmad, DCD fan posting on Facebook and Amazon

“A fabulous fly-on-the-wall read.” Coral Rockks 985FM CKWR, Canada

“…incredibly well-crafted… and [the] writer’s voice carries such positivity and a general love of music, along with the camaraderie of creation and what it feels like to be in a band – struggles and successes and all!” —Bret Helm, founder, singer, bassist of Audra

“How one phone call can change everything. Ulrich tells a heady, detailed story of living in and learning fast having joined Dead Can Dance – one of the most unique groups ever, leading to his personal musical flowering. The creative ebbs and flows, worlds of life on the road and music business shenanigans come vividly to life.”—Dave Massey – music journalist and historian, music publishing A&R/Creative Director and fellow drummer

“…plenty of rather wry humour… genuine surprise and delight at being part of a diverse music scene…”  —Keri O’Shea, Warped Perspective online reviews

“Amazing… an insight of a whole era…”  —Chi, customer reviewer on Amazon

“…that elusive creative process… so well documented…” —Bill Hart, Flying Reptile Media Group

“[Ulrich’s] personality and sense of humor absolutely comes through! Really wonderful job.” —Timothy O’Donnell, graphic design v23/4AD

“Great book, very well written…”—Claudio Bustamante, Fairfax City Music, YouTube Channel

“…the enthusiasm that drove him to write… is palpable from the outset…”  —Lin Bensley, Suffolk Norfolk Life Magazine

“I love how this weaves so much historical and influential contemporary music with the story… beautifully written… utterly compelling.” —Lisa Tenzin-Dolma, author, singer-songwriter

“I am reading this book and keep telling my friends about it. I feel like I am sitting in a time machine – haha – love it!” —Magno Damase, DCD fan posting on Facebook

“Fabulous memories of exciting times, superbly written.” —Colin Wallace, 4AD

“The book is handsomely produced and [Ulrich]’s research is thorough, listing nearly every concert the band played and quoting reviews from obscure websites.”  —Susan Darlington, RnR Magazine

“O libro perfecto!!! Recomendable ao 100%”  —Barbara C, customer reviewer on Amazon

“…really good book about a band that really was unique… One of the most informative, without gossip or grudges books on music that I have read.” —Dan O, Bookseller, NetGalley

“A fascinating read…so different from the typical sex and drugs and rock n’ roll memoir.” —Eric Alper, That Eric Alper Show, SiriusXM Radio. Listen to the full interview below!

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