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Fall 2018 Archives - Red Hen Press

Bigfoots in Paradise

Beauty and terror collide in Doug Lawson’s Bigfoots in Paradise, a wild new collection of stories set largely in and around Santa Cruz, California and the surrounding mountains. It’s a land tucked between Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean, one that’s populated by aging hippies and venture capitalist sharks, pot farmers and surfers, child prodigies and roaming herds of wild boar. Earthquakes rumble, meth labs explode, helicopters search overhead for drug farms while wildfires ravage the hillsides. Blimps crash, mushrooms dream, dogfights erupt, trustafarians pontificate while pneumatic ostriches walk the streets and sons and fathers and lovers try desperately to find some way to connect with the past, with themselves, before it’s too late.

Doug’s prize-winning prose is as nimble and touching as it is lyric, and he plunges headlong into this astonishing country at a fine-tuned, white-knuckled pace that will leave you both gasping for breath and holding your heart in your hands. His characters are awkward, ungainly, and great at hiding and they shamble through the beautiful wilderness of their lives, searching for meaning, searching for themselves.

A photograph of two kids wearing monkey masks and black script that reads Bigfoots in Paradise by Doug Lawson.

Doug Lawson

Publication Date: November 15, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Red Hen Press, Short Stories

$15.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-59709-692-8

The Perpetual Motion Machine

When my brother was in high school he attempted to build a perpetual motion machine to save the world. That machine was my brother’s experiment; this book is mine. It is in the text where I dissect our relationship and try to understand myself. In undertaking this project, I had to research, which meant looking at photo albums, interviewing my brother and parents, asking friends and family what I was like when I was little, etc. Like my brother once said after reading my work, We color these memories differently, I knew that in order to methodically calculate the moments I had to meticulously plot out what it was I was trying to say. In this way, the collection is like a science project. This book is how I will try to save my brother, or more largely how I will attempt to save the world by making people understand the pain we’ve all been through, the visceral pain that accompanies longing for some past impossibility. My preparation has been in the field and living through it, gathering notes, experiences, and findings; it has all been one giant experiment?to see if we could make it out alive.

A green background with a sideways profile of a face at the center and a group of people walking in a circle at the center of it, with black script that reads The Perpetual Motion Machine a memoir by Brittany Ackerman.

Brittany McLaughlin ( Author Website )

Publication Date: November 20, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Memoir, Red Hen Press

$15.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-59709-691-1

Brother Carnival

Ethan Mueller, the narrator of Brother Carnival, has suffered a crisis of faith and is on the brink of taking his own life when he is informed by his father that he has an estranged brother who is an author. Whereupon he is handed a collection of his sibling’s stories and novel excerpts and urged to seek him out. “These stories are his effort to find you, Ethan. He’s been where you are now. Seek him out but it won’t be easy.” In effect, “Christopher Daugherty’s” writings function as the protagonist’s brother in absentia, thus creating the “dialogue” and suspenseful interplay between them. By immersing himself in the pieces, Ethan Mueller’s pursuit of his brother is a quest to discover himself.

A green and black background with a black drawing of a cowboy on a horse shooting two pistols and white script that reads Brother Carnival by Dennis Must.

Dennis Must ( Author Website )

Publication Date: December 6, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Fiction, Red Hen Press

$15.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-59709-684-3

One Water

Rob Mccue takes us on a journey through the Alaska Wilderness to the streets of its second largest city in a quest to better understand whatever in the heck is actually going on in this world. The book is not merely a narrative of his adventures but also contains descriptions of the geological, biological, and climactic circumstances that have shaped this great land. The book is also a coming of age story tracing the course of a hedonistic young drifter slowly accepting his transformation to adulthood (or close to it, anyway) and his role as a member of a family.


“Robert McCue’s One Water showcases the generosity of the Alaskan spirit. In a voice laced with authenticity and humility, McCue writes about his life in Fairbanks, and his adventures in wild places beyond town. An intimate story, as tender as it is gritty, McCue explores the interconnectedness of the northern landscape and its creatures—wild and human. From hunting to commercial fishing, taxicab driving, glacier travel, and the meaning of fatherhood, McCue shares his hard-earned trials in claiming his Alaskan ‘home.’ One Water offers a riveting and rare glimpse into one man’s reflections, as expansive as the northern landscape and people he reveres.”—Debbie Moderow, author of Fast into the Night

“Rob’s phrases are like driving a cab through ice fog at 40 below — dreamy, dangerous, with the scent of stomach acid, frozen car exhaust and perfume. He’s a thoughtful observer of a strange, distant place that’s also familiar, like you’ve lived there most of your life. Raw, intelligent and pleasantly haunting.”—Ned Rozell, author of Walking my Dog, Jane, and Finding Mars

A painting of a desolate landscape with an owl with its back turned and white script that reads One Water stories by Rob McCue.

Rob Mccue

Publication Date: October 25, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Boreal Books, Memoir

$16.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-59709-907-3

Sugar Land

It’s 1923 in Midland, Texas, and Miss Dara falls in love with her best friend who also happens to be a girl. Terrified, Miss Dara takes a job at Sugar Land Prison for men, hoping to keep her secret attractions under lock and key. Once there, she befriends inmate and soon-to-be legendary blues singer Leadbelly, who sings his way out (true story) but only after he makes her promise to free herself from her own prison. Sugar Land is a triumphant, beautiful debut novel about the hearts refusal to be denied what the heart wants.

“With SUGAR LAND, Stoner creates a captivating story for the ages’a young, southern girl in the 1920s who becomes a ballsy broad in a double-wide, and on the journey learns about love the hard way. This heartbreaking and hysterical book inspires us with a brave and unusual life. SUGAR LAND is for anyone who still believes in love.”—Jillian Lauren, New York Times bestselling author of Some Girls: My Life in a Harem and Everything You Ever Wanted

A yellow background and four small houses lined up next to each other one painted green and red script that reads Sugar Land by Tammy Lynne Stoner.

tammy lynne stoner ( Author Website )

Publication Date: October 23, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Fiction, Red Hen Press

$16.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-59709-627-0

OUT OF PRINT – The Adventures of Captain Pump: The World’s First Fitness Superhero

George is the janitor of a school just like yours. He wishes he could find a way to help the kids get fit and understand the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle. But unfortunately, he just doesn’t know how. Until one day, a tiny fitness dynamo pops out of a magic comic book and changes janitor George’s life forever…

This is CAPTAIN PUMP–The World’s First Fitness Super Hero. The Adventures of Captain Pump is a children’s book series that takes the reader into a land of healthy and well being. The story takes place here in the REAL WORLD but the lessons are learned in a magical land where healthy living, social acceptance and respect for all people are the ways of life; PUMPLAND.

Of course there is always someone or something threatening the healthy ways of Pumpland. Villains from far and wide keep the Captain on his toes as he diligently keeps the citizens of Pumpland and his friend in the real world safe.

A kids cartoon of a town and two men back to back one with a super hero cape on and yellow script that reads The Adventure of Captain Pump The World’s First Fitness Superhero written by Jasson Finney.

Jasson Finney ( Author Website )

Publication Date: November 27, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Fiction, Xeno Books

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-939096-05-0

Weather Woman

30-year-old Bronwyn Artair, feeling out of place in her doctoral program in Atmospheric Sciences at MIT, drops out and takes a job as a TV meteorologist, much to the dismay of her mentor, Diane Fenwick. After a year of living alone in Southern New Hampshire, enduring the indignities of her job, dumped by her boyfriend, she discovers her deep connection to the natural world has given her an ability to affect natural forces. When she finally accepts she really possesses this startling capability, she must then negotiate a new relationship to the world. Who will she tell? Who will believe her? Most importantly, how will she put this new skill of hers to use? As she seeks answers to these questions, she travels to Kansas to see the tornado maverick she worships; falls in love with Matt, the tabloid journalist who has come to investigate her; visits fires raging out of control in Los Angeles; and eventually voyages with Matt and Diane to the methane fields of Siberia. A woman experiencing power for the first time in her life, she must figure out what she can do for the world without hurting it further. The story poses questions about science and intuition, women and power, and what the earth needs from humans.


HONORABLE MENTION – 2019 Eric Hoffer Award, General Fiction
SILVER – 2018 Nautilus Book Awards, Fiction (Large Publisher)


“A riveting tug-of-war between science and intuition, doubt and belief, impending devastation and the hope of survival. Even the most rational among us will find wisdom here, wonder, and truth.”—Eileen Pollack, author of A Perfect Life

“How can you not love this beautifully brainy, indelibly moving, knock-your- socks-off novel about a female meteorologist who can control the weather? Grounded in both awe and science, aching with wonder, and written with the dazzling surprise of a double rainbow, Emmons is a brilliant alchemist, making you truly believe that the inexplicable is sometimes the most gloriously possible thing of all. None of us are alone. None of us are alone, none of us should be alone, and we should all realize our connection to the Earth. Like the tsunamis, tornadoes, earthquakes and perfect blue skies, she’s a natural literary force to be reckoned with.”—Caroline Leavitt, author of Cruel Beautiful World and the New York Times bestsellers Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow?

A photograph of a woman tied to suitcases by the ankle flying in the air with pillow cases on her arms and black script that reads Weather Woman a novel by Cai Emmons.

Cai Emmons ( Author Website )

Publication Date: October 9, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Fiction, Red Hen Press

$16.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-59709-600-3

Losing Beck

Losing Beck is the story of Jennie Silver, who is trying to get over a man who was greatly influenced by the renowned Hungarian emigré novelist Avigdor Element. Spanning a hundred years of history from when Nijinsky danced ‘The Afternoon of the Faun’ in Paris in 1912, through World Wars I and II, to very close to the present, Jennie keeps a diary, writes a play and a novella in her attempt to control her desperate, high-pitched emotions focused on a man she is uncontrollably drawn to and at the same time finds repugnant. A man who is one of the keepers and part of the legacy of Element’s bad behavior.


“A diary of amour fou; a two-act play featuring Nijinsky as an apparition of art and madness; a novella largely about the sexual politics of poetry publication. This triptych of narratives contains a plenitude of characters driven by overpowering emotions and dark motives. Each section is energized by a story-line of repetition compulsion arising from the desire to enjoy bodily pleasure, to have and hold the power to make others lustful about the physical beauty of oneself and one’s mastery as an artist. It isn’t always pretty to watch page by page, but the frottage of scene after scene of shame and desire, rage and submission, forms Susan Hahn’s testament, her ‘repertoire of horrors.’ I was especially fascinated by the meticulous scrutiny of family relations, especially mother-daughter attachments, often dramatized against a backdrop of twentieth-century Jewish history. Admirers of Susan Hahn’s poetry will recognize some of the motifs, and some of the gorgeous language, woven throughout these Strindbergian plots. This work is the poet’s urgent gift to her devoted readers, who will be thankful, once again, that an author of such x-ray vision lives among us?”—Laurence Goldstein, author of Clear and Queer Thinking: Wittgenstein’s Development and His Relevance to Modern Thought

A blue background with a painting of a woman sitting alone at a restaurant and script that reads Losing Beck a triptych by Susan Hahn.

Susan Hahn ( Author Website )

Publication Date: December 4, 2018

Genre/Imprint: Fiction, Red Hen Press

$15.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978-1-59709-631-7