House Without a Dreamer

In the forty poems of her first full-length book, House Without a Dreamer, winner of the 1993 Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize, Andrea Hollander explores the complicated emotions that accompany both common and uncommon occurrences within ordinary lives, especially as the years pass. How does one decide what dress a mother should be buried in? When and how do feelings change? What do you do when your therapist falls asleep while you’re revealing your deepest hurts?

Tradepaper: $20 / ISBN: 9781586541149
Casebound: $30 / ISBN: 9781586541156

Story Line Press Legacy Title, Andrea Hollander House Without a Dreamer Poems, white text against emerald green background.

Andrea Hollander ( Author Website )

Publication Date: July 20, 2021

Genre/Imprint: Poetry, Story Line Press

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