Writing in the Schools Updates

The Spring semester has been a wildly successful one for the Writing in the Schools program and Red Hen Press. As of today’s date, we’ve finished two workshops, one at John F. Kennedy High School, run by Bart Edelman, and one at Crenshaw High School, run by Douglas Kearney. Both workshop sets were accompanied by positive feedback from students, staff, and the Red Hen writers and greatly pleased this Program Coordinator. The third workshop of the semester is currently in-progress at the lovely Camino Nuevo High School and is being conducted by the irrepressible and irreplaceable Brendan Constantine.

Much progress has been made on the press’s forthcoming WIS Teaching Anthology, a two-volume book composed of work donated by authors from across the US. It’s going to be a great addition to the WIS program and will be donated to each student participating in the program. We look forward to its arrival soon.

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