Another Fine Mess

Now that we’ve pretty much ruined planet Earth–no big secret–science tells us the human race could be doomed. Well, not all science, but some of it, enough to have sparked a lively interest in setting up someplace else.

But where?

The answer is the moon of course, and that’s what this book explores: the many ways in which today’s scientists, entrepreneurs, architects and, yes, a few loonies are working to get colonies established there ASAP. Filled with research, interviews and expert projections, these pages reveal how a web of fantastic new technologies could give mankind a brand new start, off-world.

The only worm in the ointment is human nature. It’s the one thing pioneers in this business almost never discuss. Yet it’s of vital concern: given a second chance on the moon, will we use it to create at last a sane and peaceful society? Or will we make a desperate hash of things all over again?

Here’s your doorway to the moon of tomorrow. Pass through and decide for yourself.


“Whenever I’m reading a Pope Brock book I always fall for the writing and then for him. This book about the moon is his most deliciously, comically personal one. Though the reader finds herself in happy contemplation of crisping ex-lovers with lasers from a future lunar workplace, or perhaps having imperfect sex in perfect spheres of water, or simply socializing on the moon with well-adapted sociopaths, nevertheless we also get to know the fiercely earthbound heart of Pope Brock. His is a vision both funny and horrifying, a Seussian galaxy of rumpus absurdity and straight-talking hard truths. By the end of it one thinks, ‘Ah, Humanity’ but right upon that one thinks, Thank goodness for Pope Brock.”—Leigh Allison Wilson, author of From the Bottom Up and Wind: Stories

“Pope Brock is the sky-gazer and writer our culture needs at this moment. This book is deft, funny, profound in its implications – and also a grave prediction about the mess that may soon be transferred from earth to the moon. A beguiling and original story by a writer whose wisdom is only matched by his wicked comic timing.”—Sarah Braunstein, author of The Sweet Relief of Missing Children

“Pope Brock turns out to be the perfect armchair cosmonaut to ponder the possible pleasures and pitfalls of life on the moon. Another Fine Mess is a very funny and provocative rumination on the big move to off-planet real estate.”—Mark Haskell Smith, author of Naked at Lunch

“People of Earth: what is it you want from a book, anyway? You want humor? Insight? Weird obscure histories and mind-tickling predictions? Maybe you just want to know a lot more about the moon. Of course you do. But come on… you know what you really want. You want sex robots. Giant vegetables. And moon cars and lunar baseball. You want it all. And, People of Earth: you’re in luck!”—Penny Lane, director of NUTS!, prize-winning documentary at Sundance 2016

“Perspective is everything. In the face of intergalactic uncertainty about the future of mankind and our home planet, Pope Brock offers a silver beam of hope that our celestial companion, the moon, will provide us with a new tomorrow. The heavens he sees above reveal much about what lies within us all. An inspired observer with a poet’s heart, his investigation into our lunar future is informed, wry and sublimely readable.”—Cathy Galvin, Founder of the Word Factory, London

A blue background with a moon at the center and an astronaut vacuum cleaning the surface of it, with white script that reads Another Fine Mess: Life on tomorrows moon essays by Pope Brock.

Pope Brock ( Author Website )

Publication Date: September 12, 2017

Genre/Imprint: Non-Fiction, Red Hen Press

$15.95 Tradepaper

Shop: Red Hen, Bookshop, Barnes & Noble

ISBN: 978597090407

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