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Maurya Simon's New Webpage on Voetica: Poetry Spoken

Date: Jun 11th, 2018

Visit Voetica, a website that features spoken poetry from the classics to the contemporary, to hear a number of Maurya Simon's poems from her various collections read aloud by Maurya herself! Click here to visit Maurya's web page.

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Bad Stories is OUT NOW! And on this official day of release, one last Bad message:

You can’t advocate for serious discourse and simultaneously participate in the trivialization of discourse. Or rather, you can. But the story is going to end badly.” (Bad Stories 246).

Steve Almond’s Bad Stories is a reflection on how we, as a country, got here. Read it, devour it, but most importantly, understand it. Only when we’re all on the same page, when we all understand how this came to be, can we move, as Steve likes to say, onward, together.

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