DC Frost

DC Frost is a second-generation Angelino. For almost twenty years, she has worked at a small private liberal arts college in the heart of Los Angeles. DC loves and respects Southern California, a melting pot of class and culture that is often misrepresented and misunderstood in popular fiction and media. DC lives in Eagle Rock, California, with her husband, who is an NPR journalist and reporter, and three rescue dogs. DC and her husband have an adult son, a filmmaker, who resides in Los Angeles.

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An illustrated cover of a coastal road surrounded by colorful flowers, with a belltower in the distance, with text saying: "LA Noir for the Twenty-First Century, A PUNISHING BREED, A Detective DJ Arias Mystery by DC Frost"

A Punishing Breed

DC Frost

Publication Date: June 11, 2024

$19.95 Tradepaper

ISBN: 9781939096173


A Punishing Breed, the first in a series of novels featuring Detective DJ Arias, is a murder mystery that takes place in Los Angeles, the city of angels, freeways, Santa Ana winds, and honeysuckle slithering through chain-link fences and perfuming LA’s dark streets and neighborhoods. Detective Arias hunts for a murderer on a liberal arts campus that prides itself on its progressive curriculum but is rife with jealousy, racial and sexual tensions, and a hierarchy as real and destructive as a medieval fortress. DJ Arias, good at his job because he sees the worst in people, is challenged by the college community, a neighborhood recluse, and a young Latino gardener he sent to jail ten years ago for a hit-and-run accident. Through the course of his investigation, Arias will find out no one is who they appear to be. He begins to reclaim his humanity by adopting a dog he names Evidence and finding the clues to a crime born from a dark secret not contained in the past but alive in the present, which will cast destruction and murder on the denizens of the small liberal arts campus.


“In this mystery debut, novelist Denise Frost takes us through the lush world of a tiny liberal arts college and its murderous undergrowth. Masterfully moving between voices, the plot and the psychological twists push us forward, keeping us compulsively reading to the very last page.”
Désirée Zamorano, author of Human Cargo and The Amado Women