Future Library: Contemporary Indian Writing

A diverse and essential anthology of poetry and fiction that springs from—and is shaped around—the shared heritage that contemporary Indian writers claim across time, location and language.

This anthology brings together one hundred contemporary Indian poets and fiction writers working in English as well as translating from other Indian languages. Located anywhere from Michigan to Mumbai, the sources of their creativity range from the ancient epics to twentieth-century world literature, with themes suggesting a modernist individuality and sense of displacement as well as an ironic, postmodern embracing of multiple disjunctions. The editors present a historical background to the various Englishes apparent in this collection, while also identifying the shared traditions and contexts that hold together their uniquely diverse selection. In aiming at coherence rather than unity, Hasan and Chattarji reveal that the idea of Indianness is as much a means of exploring difference as finding common ground.

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Anjum Hasan ( Author Website )

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Publication Date: July 5, 2022

Genre/Imprint: Anthology, Red Hen Press

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