Hurricane Sisters

Hurricane Sisters, award-winning poet Ginger Andrews’ second collection, contains poems of fierce candor and sharp, unique awareness from the perspective of Andrews herself, a cleaning woman in North Bend, Oregon. These Carver-esque insights into the everyday of the American working class balance grief, depression, lust, poverty, and, above all, faith; not in something beyond or higher than the living experience, but in a spirituality amidst the material truths of this world, even under the grimmest of circumstances. Hurricane Sisters stares into the holy, the barbaric, the beautiful and the hideous, the realities of blue-collar Americana, with the frankness and empathy of a survivor and a believer. It sees everything and never averts its eyes.

Tradepaper: $20 / ISBN: 9781586540753
Casebound: $30 / ISBN: 9781586541101

Story Line Press legacy tittle, Ginger Andrews Hurricane Sisters, white script text against emerald green background.

Ginger Andrews

Publication Date: June 1, 2021

Genre/Imprint: Poetry, Story Line Press

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