Set in contemporary Iran, Mirage delves into the complicated relationship between Roya and her identical twin sister, Tala. Their inseparable bond becomes hard to maintain as they grow older, but when they both get pregnant at the same time, their relationship is rekindled. After an accident causes Roya to miscarry and Tala to go into labor, grief, jealousy, suspicion, and guilt fracture that recently renewed relationship. Delving deep into the human psyche, Nahid Rachlin intricately explores themes of sisterly identity, betrayal, envy, depression, loss, and the impact of memories. Like Ottessa Moshfegh’s Death in Her Hands (Penguin Press, 2020), Mirage artfully juxtaposes the sociopolitical dynamics of contemporary Iran with a story of the nature of grief and redemption that will take firm hold of your heart.


“I was completely drawn into Mirage and captivated by its haunting young heroine. In spare, yet sensual, prose, Rachlin brings to life the felt experience of women in contemporary Iran. Like the intertwined fates of the two identical twin sisters, Roya and Tala, the personal—loss, betrayal, the tentative border between illusion and reality—intertwines with the political, as the characters navigate within an oppressive and secretive society to balance self-preservation, autonomy, and idealism. With its lush and richly colored setting and surreal and menacing atmosphere, Mirage casts a powerful spell on the reader.”

Céline Keating, author of The Stark Beauty of Last Things

“With its lush, intimate details and vivid storytelling, Mirage is at times heartbreaking, at other times urgent—and always deeply compelling. Nahid Rachlin skillfully weaves together complex relationships and a fraught political landscape to bring to life this striking novel. As the disturbing mystery at its center unfolds, Mirage is sure to keep readers entranced until the very last page.”

Sofia Romero, author of We Have Always Been Who We Are

Nahid Rachlin

Publication Date: August 27, 2024

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