Road Trip

Road Trip is a collection of autobiographical essays that honor the places, people and other living creatures that have given shape and meaning to one man’s life. Framed by essays about the life and death of loved ones, the book explores the importance of family, friendship and what it means to care for another human being. Above all, Road Trip is about transformations that happen in ways we may not always understand or welcome it’s about travelling down unknown and unexpected roads with good humor, generosity and a spirit of adventure.

A blue sky with white clouds, a rock formation with a square cut out, white text reads "Road Trip" and "Essays Mark Rozema"

Mark Rozema ( Author Website )

Publication Date: September 15, 2015

Genre/Imprint: Boreal Books, Non-Fiction

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ISBN: 9781597099943

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Barrelhouse Reviews Sings Praises

Barrelhouse says Rozema's essays are "humble, honest, insightful, and, like the best essays on any topic, but especially ones tinged with spirituality, they aren’t too sure about any one thing. […]

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We are very proud of Mark Rozema's oustanding review by Kirkus Reviews! A series of essays delicately evoking nature?s power and mystery. Poet Mary Oliver provides the epigraph for essayist […]