Running Like a Woman with Her Hair on Fire



Martina Newberry’s Running Like A Woman With Her Hair on Fire explores the coincident power and vulnerability of the human relationship to its surroundings. Here are poems about nurturing and mourning, lovers, children, friends, relatives the significant minutiae that forms the ordinary world. Those who people these poems are real; they remember, expect, love, hate, cry, laugh, lose, and sometimes win. Not champion not outlaws they relentlessly pursue meaning and reality against the background of a world that often betrays them. These are stories of common experience. There is humor, impertinence, irony, passion and assurance that comes from a well forged identity and the firm belief that what should happen, will happen. Consistent in tone, precise in language, Martina Newberry’s voice introduces private and public thoughts and conversations about things that matter. Without whining, without belligerence, this poetry lives with us rather than outside of us, celebrates our willingness to move on and keep moving on regardless of ease, tragedy or victory.

Black text stating Running like a Woman with her Hair on Fire poems by Martina Newberry over the collage of a woman with her hair on fire.

Martina Newberry ( Author Website )

Publication Date: September 1, 2005

Genre/Imprint: Poetry, Red Hen Press

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ISBN: 1-59709-015-8