23 Must-Read Books that Will Transform How You Think about Food and the World

This fall, Food Tank is recommending 23 books that can broaden and deepen everyone’s understanding of food systems and the power of storytelling. Books like Taras Grescoe’s The Lost Supper, Sarah Lohman’s Endangered Eating, and Slow Food’s The Ark of Taste highlight the future of food through the preservation of traditional foodways and practices. Laura Tillman’s The Migrant Chef and Curtis Chin’s memoir, Everything I Learned, I Learned in a Chinese Restaurant, highlight the challenges and resiliency of changemakers in the food industry. We’ve also included a dystopian novel, Land of Milk and Honey, to imagine a world after food systems collapse and spark motivation to avert such a future.

These 23 books will encourage readers to explore new flavors, deepen community-based knowledge, and vitalize change within the food system. 

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