52 Men” is a hit with book bloggers!”

Lizzy Baldwin, creator of My Little Book Blog, praises Louise Wareham Leonard’s writing style, calling it “beautiful and languid.”

Baldwin loved how 52 Men was able to give so much story in a book that is considered a quick read. She goes on saying that she “thought the stories and the idea was really unique and it was perfect for the style of book I really wanted to read. I can see myself going back and dipping in and out of this and re-reading the tales which really tells how special I found it… I loved this book for it’s story telling and I am very happy to have had the chance to read through it.”

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Kristian, of Kristian Wilson Writing, gave 52 Men— 4 out of 5 stars!

“Those who suspect that 52 Men will feel disjointed shouldn’t worry. Leonard’s collection ends with a piece of short fiction that provides insight into all that has come before it. It’s poignant, bitter, and complicated — just like all of us are. This dense little collection is rich soul food.”

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