A thoughtful review of Danielle Vogel’s THE WAY A LINE HALLUCINATES ITS OWN LINEARITY

Author/Editor/Poet Rob Mclennan in his blog, reviews Danielle Vogel’s collection THE WAY A LINE HALLUCINATES ITS OWN LINEARITY.

The author of Between Grammars (Noemi Press, 2015) and Edges & Fray (Wesleyan University Press, 2019) [see my review of such here], The Way A Line Hallucinates its Own Linearity is second in a proposed trilogy, itself built as a trio of structures: from a sequence of small accumulations, a series of examinations and a lyric essay. “Dear Reader,” she writes, in the opening section, “all pages architecture intimacy.” Vogel is attuned to the condensed and serial moment, and the notion of the miniature, especially one as part of a much larger structure. The language is liquid, dense and buoyant, composed of a lyric as sharp as it is stunning. This is a beautifully-written, intimate and serious work, one barely given proper due through my own small sentences. As she writes as part of the third section: