ANIMAL WIFE gets a 5 star review from the Lisa Albright of the GirlyBookClub!

5 stars

I wasn’t sure what to expect with this collection of short stories and I don’t read them often so I was pleasantly surprised to find that once I got started I couldn’t put this book down. Some of the stories are heartbreakingly beautiful and others mildly disconcerting but the graceful writing is always present and feels almost poetic.

I’m not one to actively seek out meaning, and I can find joy without truly comprehending the scope of a piece of work, and I feel that’s what happened with this book. I didn’t see fairytales and complex feminine issues. I found a quirky kind of beauty and felt peaceful when I read these stories despite the nature of some of them. The author has a way of bringing a calming magic to her words that makes them gentle and soothing regardless of the topic.