Brynn Saito’s poem “Theses on the Philosophy of History” featured as Poem of the Day by Poetry Daily

Theses on the Philosophy of History

or Listening to the Presidential Debate While Stuck in Traffic

Brynn Saito

1. Roads clog with people in vehicles crossing the Golden GateGive my rage back to me, I know how to hold itGhost fog grows and stretches itself through the bars and I’m ready for itOn my radio, the white general and the white generalyank each other into the deep end, good heavensDon’t teach me to hate my language tonightDon’t teach me how to hate my lips and their language tonightTongo says capitalism walks on water, I’ve seen my TV, I believe itAll of the redwoods in the world can’t keep this country from wanting to dieThe future has arrived and it’s doubled overand the best of us are ready for love though we’re burning2.Roads clog with people in vehicles crossing the Golden GateMy family is Eduardo and Mitsuo and Marilyn and Almaand Samuel and Fumio and the twin who drank himself to deathand the auntie who drank herself to deathand the Issei and the Nisei and the Sansei with their rock faces and nightmaresUndisguise me, said the stoneUndisguise me, said the stone to the desert lightUndisguise me, said the stone to the riverLay me down under harsh water flowing under midnight starlightTake my face off of my face, said the stone, shake me open

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