Dennis Must’s MACLEISH SQ. featured in Independent Book Review!

Reality shifts and reforms in disquieting and disorientating ways in MacLeish Sq., the latest novel by Dennis Must, as the unlikely hero recognizes that he has reached the final phase of his life and reluctantly embarks on a metaphysical odyssey that leaves him questioning the nature of his current existence and reevaluating the sins of his past.

Aside from these mind-boggling elements, the major strengths of MacLeish Sq. are Must’s innovative stylistic approach and masterful use of language, both of which appear to be informed by a deep knowledge and appreciation of literature. He weaves a distinct air of mystery into the mundane activities and discussions of John and Eli, and his construction of memorable secondary characters is second to none. Moreover, the text of MacLeish Sq. is complemented by the inclusion of a number of vivid and unsettling illustrations by Russ Spitkovsky, which add to the unreal nature of the story.