From Publishers Weekly

In yet another variation of a vampire love story, Eidus (The War of the Rosens) introduces Lilith Zeremba, a college freshman who has declared herself, over and over, to be the last Jewish virgin. It's a moniker she is determined to keep, though the particulars–why it is so important to her, whether she intends to keep it for a lifetime, and if she's been tempted in the past–are unclear. Also unclear is the nature of the love triangle in which she quickly finds herself. In one corner is Colin Abel, who is handsome, confident, talented, and sexy. In the other corner is vampire Mr. Rock, who is elusive, moody, sometimes cruel, and twice her age (also, he might be shtupping her mother). Rock is cast as the obvious bad boy to Colin's good guy, but without any of the redeeming qualities that would ostensibly make it a fair fight. The book manages to be kitschy without being fun, silly without being funny, and drama-filled without being dramatic. In the sultry world of vampires, it's as exciting as an air kiss.

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