#HalfMyDAF Announces First Matching Grants to 147 Nonprofits

#HalfMyDAF today announced the results of its first grant-matching drawing to support nonprofits and their work. The organization will give $600,000 in matching grants to 147 nonprofits in 30 states and the District of Columbia, supporting work that feeds the hungry, educates the vulnerable, advocates for social and racial justice, and more. In total, nearly 80 couples and individuals have committed to spend half their Donor Advised Funds and have granted over $3 million to nonprofits in the past 10 weeks.

Details here: https://www.halfmydaf.com/heroes-and-nonprofits

The #HalfMyDAF challenge was created to inspire holders of Donor Advised Funds to give big now, when funds are needed most and to help “unstick” the over $120 billion in Donor Advised Funds across the country.

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