HER SISTER’S TATTOO (Ellen Meeropol) one of ten books you might’ve missed in 2020 from OOLA!

Even with all the extra “free time” sheltering in place gave us this year, there was a lot going on. Between learning how to work from home, helping kids with virtual learning, struggling to pay the bills, and finding new ways to cure months-long bouts of boredom, it was hard to get a breath in edgewise. Curling up with a good book? In this economy?!

If you weren’t able to find much time for yourself this year, don’t be discouraged. First, you got through the year, and that’s a big enough accomplishment as it is. Second, it’s never too late to give yourself some much-needed “me time.” So whenever you’re ready, grab that book you’ve been dying to read and get cozy.

We’ve compiled 10 of the best new books released this year that might’ve slipped under the radar while you were busy attending to 2020’s raging dumpster fire.