I’m rich, but my life isn’t all about ‘glitz, glamour, and perfection.’ Here’s why we should be talking about what it’s really like to be wealthy.

The wealthy are more diverse and ordinary than most people see or believe. Eight out of 10 of us grew up middle-class or poor, only one in 10 inherited money, and most aren’t living in Hollywood or working on Wall Street. We are hidden in plain sight, doing our grocery shopping, driving kids in carpool, and taking the subway to the office. We want to make a difference at our jobs and spend quality time with family and friends — and our numbers are growing.

Even with the dot-com crash in 2001 and the housing crisis and recession of 2008, wealth at the top of the economic ladder has continued to explode.

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“We Need to Talk: A Memoir About Wealth,” by Jennifer Risher