Jennifer Risher guests on Working Wife, Happy Life podcast!

Ep 33 – Talking about Money & Wealth w/ Jennifer Risher

What’s your relationship with money? How about your partner’s relationship with money? Do you talk about it? Does it make you uncomfortable? What do you wish you could say but don’t to those around you when it comes to money? 

Unpack all of these questions and more with today’s guest — Jennifer Risher joins us as the author of the memoir “We Need to Talk: A Memoir about Wealth”. Jen grew up with middle-class values, saving her pennies, wary of the rich… and then she joined their ranks. She is an extra-lucky beneficiary of the dot com boom. We Need to Talk tells her story and explores the impact of wealth on identity, relationships, and sense of place in the world. This book uncovers so much of what we talk about on this podcast, emotional relationships with money, how our perceptions and engagement with money are influenced by our upbringing, how money does and doesn’t change you, how we connect, or disconnect, on the topic and more.