Joy on Paper features Kim Dower, author of I WORE THIS DRESS TODAY FOR YOU, MOM!

I often talk about the ‘golden threads’ that connect me to my guests. Kim is certainly one of them. She has enriched my life with her poetry. It was a JOY to talk to her for Mother’s Day about her book: I WORE THIS DRESS TODAY FOR YOU, MOM, a celebration of motherhood and being a daughter. You will enjoy listening to Kim reading a few of her lovely poems in her soft and gentle voice. 

She writes poems that will make you laugh and make you stop and remember something from your own life. You will marvel at how simple ordinary event can become an exquisite poem in the hands of someone who has found the joy of writing..

It’s funny how Kim entered my life. I walked in the studio and there was a pile of envelopes with books waiting for me. A dozen brown envelopes and in between a shiny white one with red lettering. KIM FROM LA. 

I opened first. Inside was a book and a note. Not a standard PR sheet. This was a personal note. Kim from LA explaining why I should interview the author. She was so enthusiastic that the book went to the top of my to-be-read pile. 

Later I discovered that Kim is an award winning poet. So perfect. A publicist who loves the writers she promotes and also writes poems. It was beshert. We were meant to meet. 

I Wore This Dress Today for You, Mom is more than a book of poems., it’s like a mini-novel that tells the story of her life—from being a child, to taking care of a mother with dementia, to raising a child and surrounding him with love.  A perfect gift to anyone in your life—and one you will treasure.