Judy Grahn’s TOUCHING CREATURES, TOUCHING SPIRIT reviewed on EcoLit Books!

The stories and essays of Touching Creatures, Touching Spirit: Living in a Sentient World form a beautiful tapestry of communications across species and consciousness. From grateful dragonflies to fatherless strawberries to companionable stones, poet and activist Judy Grahn details meaningful connections from her own experiences of the sentient world. Throughout her firsthand accounts, she weaves in histories of ecological philosophies and spiritualities including those of North American Indigenous cultures, South India, ancient Europe, and Grahn’s own Scandinavian ancestors who interacted with spirits in rock and water. Both a study and a questioning of consciousness, Touching Creatures, Touching Spirit is a buzzing network of stories that connect with one another in the loving way that Grahn herself connects with the cats, ants, trees, and microbes in their pages.

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