Midwest Book Review gives Jennifer Risher’s WE NEED TO TALK a look.

When Jennifer Risher joined Microsoft in 1991, she met her husband, and with him became an extra-lucky beneficiary of the dot-com boom. By their early thirties, they had tens of millions of dollars. Today, there are millions of people like her. “We Need To Talk: A Memoir About Wealth” is Jennifer’s thought-provoking, personal story that also includes the voices of others in her economic demographic and explores the hidden impact of wealth on identity, relationships, and sense of place in the world. At a time when income inequality is a huge problem, our country’s economic system is broken, and money is still a taboo subject even among those closest to us, “We Need To Talk: A Memoir About Wealth” is engaging, introspective memoir is essential reading: a catalyst for conversation that demystifies wealth and inspires us to connect.