Praise for Interpretive Work

"Bradfield [has a] keen eye for intertwining the narrative of the natural world and her human narrative. This is what is breathtaking about Interpretive Work… here are the poems of an important new poet."

"–from Julie Enszer's review in Lambda Literary Report, Spring/Summer 2008

I let out a "hell yeah" for Elizabeth Bradfield's "On Expertise". It's not the vocabulary of most science writing that signals the reader's autonomic system to hit hibernation levels, it's the depersonalization, the lack of imagination. Not a problem for Bradfield: she's got the imagination and empathy, thank goodness. "

–Jordan Davis, host of NYC"'s "Million Poems Show"

In her marvelous debut collection, Elizabeth Bradfield probes the work of daily life, locating her speakers in family, intimate relationship, neighborhood, wilderness, and workplace. A sequence titled "Butch Poems" offers an unforgettable take on lesbian self-presentation, linking it to "Multi-Use Area" and others that explore how we "read" one another in the public sphere…These poems shimmer with asides, original tropes, self-deprecating wit and a scientist"'s passion for accuracy. Interpretive Work signals the arrival of an important new voice among us.

"–Robin Becker, author of Domain of Perfect Affection

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