Prarie Schooner Winter 2009 Review

Steve Huff's Book, More Daring Escapes

Reviewed in Prarie Schooner

Winter 2009 Editiion

Steven Huff. More Daring Escapes. Red Hen Press.

Dan Bellm. Practice. Sixteen Rivers Press.

Reviewed by Marilyn Krysl

‘‘False words are not only evil in themselves,’’ Plato wrote, ‘‘but they infect the soul with evil.’’ In this first decade of the new century, in which the infection of the lie has become commonplace, I look for sustenance in poems that

body forth our detailed, multifarious, human truths. Both Steven Huff’s and Dan Bellm’s books resemble each other in setting a high benchmark, and the two books are also similar in structure. Both order their poems in

topical sections, and both include a section that is an extended sequence.