Read Your Way Around the World

With travel plans cancelled for the foreseeable future, we’re all looking for new ways to feel transported from our homes, without putting our families at risk. That’s where these book duos come into play! With one title for adults and one for kids (ranging from books for younger children to YA for teens), each pair is an opportunity to travel to all kinds of places — around the globe, to real-world inspired fantasy lands, and even through history! Family trips have always been a source of both excitement and enrichment, and these titles can sweep readers away while also creating opportunities for important and enlightening conversation.

All of these genre-spanning stories include vivid imagery sure to take your family on a journey…

Travel to the Andaman Islands with…

Glorious Boy by Aimee Liu

Glorious Boy is a sweeping tale of war and devotion, longing and loss, colonialism and communication, and the power of love to prevail. This family drama is set during World War II, and follows the journeys of Claire, an anthropologist, her physician husband Shep, their young non-verbal son Ty, and eight-year-old Naila, Ty’s nanny with whom he shares a special connection. When their home is evacuated due to invasion by Japanese forces, the family is separated. As Liu herself say, “In the desperate odyssey that follows, Claire, Shep, and Naila will all take unimaginable risks while drawing deeply from their knowledge of these unique islands to save their beloved “glorious boy.”” Publishers Weekly describes this stirring novel as “a sharp take on a lesser-known part of WWII history,” which “upends the cliches of the white savior narrative.”

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