Red Hen is pleased to announce the 2015 Award Winners

Red Hen Press is pleased to announce the winners of its 2015 awards series. Winners of the Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award, the RHP Fiction Award, and the RHP Nonfiction Award will receive book deals with Red Hen Press. Winners of the Red Hen Press Short Story Award, Poetry Award, and the LAR Wild Light Poetry Contest will be published in a forthcoming issue of the Los Angeles Review. All prizes include an honorarium.

This year's winners and finalists are:

Red Hen Press Benjamin Saltman Poetry Award (Judged by Carl Phillips)

Winner: Gabriel Jesiolowski for "As Burning Leaves"

First Runner-up: Christopher Nelson for "Riot Weather"

Second Runner-up: Mark Wagenaar for "Southern Tongues Leave Us Shining"

Finalists: Travis Mossotti, Aimee Baker, Armin Tolentino, Rita Banerjee, Christopher Nelson,

Julia Kilchinsky Dasbach, Michael J. Opperman

Red Hen Press Fiction Manuscript Award

Winner: Siel Ju for "Cake Time"

Runner-up: Peter Stenson for "The Extraordinary Lives of Retail Employees"

Runner-up: Sean Chadwell for "Map of the Moon"

Red Hen Press Nonfiction Manuscript Award

Winner: Chelsey Clammer for "Circadian"

Runner-up: Joshua Bernstein for "In Josaphat's Valley"

Runner-up: Amye Archer for "Fat Girl Skinny"

Finalist: Tarn Wilson for "In Praise of Inadequate Gifts"

Red Hen Press Poetry Award (Judged by Camile Dungy)

Winner: Dante Di Stefano for "Dreaming of Hokusai at Sloan-Kettering"

First Runner-up: John Sibley Williams for "This is Language Too"

Second Runner-up: Ellie Hastings for "We can pitch a tent anywhere"

Finalist: Emilio Sotleo for "poem 1 .txt"

Red Hen Press Short Story Award (Judged by Sean Bernard)

Winner: Ashley Shelby for "Pearl"

First Runner-up: Paula Spurlin Paige for "Posslqs"

Second Runner-up: Madhushree Ghosh for "The Whisper of Dead Wings"

Finalist: Dan Carlson for "How Are We Fixed For Time?"

Los Angeles Review Wild Light Poetry Contest (Judged by Amy Uyematsu)

Winner: Beth Filson for "Quiet the Dogs"

First Runner-up: Owen McLeod for ""

Second Runner-up: Billie Tadros for "On Breaking; Or, On Braking"

Finalist: Rusty Morrison for "fashion statements: summer wear"