The Seattle Times recommends Amber Flame’s APOCRIFA among ‘5 new books from LGBTQ+ authors to read this Pride month’!

As we enter another Pride month, it feels as though 2023 has been one of the toughest legislative years for LGBTQ+ folks in a long time. As we witness and experience our rights being stripped in cruel and politically charged ways in many states across the country, it can be easy to despair. But one thing has always been clear, since before Stonewall and the Compton’s Cafeteria Riot and every crisis and victory and mundane day since the history of time: queer and trans and gender-expansive people have always been here, will always be here, and our lives are important and beautiful. In the spirit of Pride — which is the spirit of queer joy and queer rage together — let’s celebrate this month and every month with, among other things, some great new books in a variety of genres by LGBTQ+ authors.