The Vancouver Sun lavishes praise upon Gary Geddes’ What Does A House Want?

In a recent review of Gay Geddes' newest collection of poetry, M.A.C. Farrant, writing for The Vancouver Sun, lauds the poems' beauty and strength.

Farrant writes, "“Likewise, the poems in Geddes’ book are axe-like in their effect, unflinching in intent, and filled with hard-to-bear details. There’s no escaping into metaphor; the poems are as direct and as unforgiving as a bitter wind. They’re truth-telling, bearing witness to the perilous zones, events that can, in a flash, shatter a person’s or a country’s comfort and memory. Neither are the poems quiet or purely contemplative; there’s not a tender epistle in the bunch. And yet, with their emotional impact, they achieve a desperate beauty.”"

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