Thea Prieto Describes the Writing Process of FROM THE CAVES in the Kenyon Review!

Jeff Alessandrelli-With the Covid-19 pandemic, there have obviously been dozens of books that haven’t received the shine they might have under normal circumstances. One new release that I hope gets all the attention and more is Thea Prieto’s novella From the Caves, winner of the Red Hen Press Novella Award. From the Caves exists in an ethereal place, one indebted to myth but also the very real environmental catastrophe that we are currently immersed in. Prieto’s debut volume is shadowed by fire and darkness, but within that veiling there yet exists hope, a certain hope. Below Prieto discusses the centrality of storytelling to all swathes of humanity and how, after some fits and starts, From the Caves came to be. A highly recommended first book.

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