Three reviews praising Celeste Gainey’s the GAFFER!” “

Kristofer Collins, from Pittsburgh Magazine, calls Gainey’s the Gaffer a “treasure trove of backstage stories” refering to her 35 years as chief lighting technician in Hollywood.

Collins had this to say:

“Gainey’s work is at once brash, erotic, violent and tender-hearted. These wonderful poems are lit from within.”

The Georgia Review‘sRobin Becker focuses more on how Gainey describes her work through poetry and “deftly illuminates a scene and its several meanings.” Readers not only get a look at her work life, but Gainey’s childhood and growing up. Becker ends her review from the speaker’s perspective, “high in the air, she merges cartoon, graphic design, film, and lighting; the poem builds to a dangerous ‘swoon.'”

Finally, Scott Silbe from The New Yinzer notes that the poems of the Gaffer “pop and jump off the page with an eloquence and style reminiscent at times of that great 20th century master, Frank O’Hara.” Gainey brings to light the topics of sexuality and sexism especially in connection with her work.

“Gainey has a strong voice and it feels like she pulls off some magic tricks in this book. I like that she can take the act of buying a pair of second-hand jeans and turn it into a transcendent moment. In some ways, this is a poetry collection like I’ve never seen before. It delicately combines Gainey’s very unique view of the world of film from her vantage point with her inner and outward struggles and with her wise observations of the greater world around her.”

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