Yuvi Zalkow Interviewed by Wendy J. Fox on Bomb Magazine!

Yuvi Zalkow is an occasional YouTuber, a full-time tech writer, and the author of two books of fiction, A Brilliant Novel in the Works and the recently released I Only Cry With Emoticons (Red Hen Press). What I love about Zalkow’s fiction is how he zips so many of our contemporary anxieties into smart prose. His newest book focuses on Saul, who is desperately unmoored, and trying to do right by his son in the wake of a divorce.

I Only Cry With Emoticons is tender, searing, and consistently relatable. Zalkow takes the fragmentation of modern life—like our constantly beeping phones, our up-next streams, the very nature of the always-on internet—and transforms this digital garbage into a story that takes hold of the heart.

—Wendy J. Fox