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Quill Prose Award

2018 – Judged by David Francis
Submission period: April 1 – August 31, 2018
Entry Fee: $10
Award: $1,000 and book publication
Guidelines: 150+ pages of prose by a queer writer

Quill Prose Award Winners

2017 – Judged by Ryka Aoki
Winner: “The Falls of the Wyona” by David Brendan Hopes

First Runner Up: “At Fifty: Essays” by Allison Green
Second Runner Up: “Easter Monday” by Lyle Roebuck

2016 – Judged by Celeste Gainey
Winner: Scissors, Paper, Stone by Martha K. Davis

First Runner Up: “Cedar & Riley” by Brian Rowe
Second Runner Up: “Devouring Them” by Rob Jacques

About Tobi Harper, Founder and Editor of Quill

Tobi Harper is Director of Operations at Red Hen Press. While completing an M.A. in English Literature, Tobi served as Editor-in-Chief of San Francisco State University’s graduate student journal Interpretations and wrote a thesis titled “‘What is it?’: Examining Narrative Shifts in Twentieth-Century Genderqueer Novels.” This thesis was presented in an abbreviated form in 2014 at Queer Yo Mind Conference in San Francisco, CA, and in 2013 at Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference in San Diego, CA. While serving as the “Queerstorian” Officer of the Queer Student Union, Tobi co-founded and co-organized the First Annual Isla Vista Pride Festival in 2010 as well as the Big Queer, Little Queer mentor program in 2009. Tobi Harper, along with Red Hen Press, is committed to the queer in the matter, the wicked other, the celebration of acceptance, love, and the story that dare not speak its name.