Diane Wald

Diane Wald has been publishing in literary magazines since 1966. She was the recipient of a two-year fellowship in poetry from the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown and has been awarded the Grolier Poetry Prize, the Denny Award, and the Open Voice Award. She also received a state grant from the Artists Foundation (Massachusetts Council on the Arts). She has published two chapbooks (My Hat That Was Dreaming from White Fields Press and Double Mirror from Runaway Spoon Press) and won the Green Lake Chapbook Award from Owl Creek Press. An electronic chapbook (Improvisations on Titles of Works by Jean Dubuffet) appears on the Mudlark website. She lives in Boston with her husband, writer P. Carey Reid.

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Lucid Suitcase

Diane Wald

Publication Date: October 1, 1999

$10.95 Tradepaper

ISBN: 1-888996-16-1



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“The poems in Diane Wald’s Lucid Suitcase speak to the life and they art they portray as only poems full of wonder do, with plausible inevitability. The poems are melodic and colorful, probable and improbable. Their subjects and moods are multi-faceted. These poems illuminate words and wordlessness, perspectives and silences. I have been reading Diane Wald’s work closely since the 1970s. Her poems always engage me. And how often entering her poems is like winding up in a dream I have already been in for a few minutes, and then I get this feeling I have always ‘dreamed’ (i.e. lived!) this.”—Michael Burkard, author of Entire Dilemma

‘Diane Wald’s poems emerge from silence without rupturing it: not shy, but achingly sideways. They are at once masterfully askew and startlingly centered, allowing dreamish and palpable, careful and offhand, wonder and death the hang around together. I greatly admire the seriousness of this book’s whimsy, and I’m haunted by its unadorned loveliness: ‘plain beauty / and its illumination / by means of darkness.'”—Ellen Dore Watson, author of We Live In Bodies