Jean-Mark Sens

Jean-Mark Sens lives in Columbia, South Carolina, where he studied library and information science at the University of South Carolina. Born in France and educated in Paris, he has lived in the American South for several year and has taught English at the University of Southern Mississippi and the University of Mississippi. He is also a culinary arts graduate from Johnson & Wales. His poems have appeared in various magazines in the United States and Canada.

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Jean-Mark Sens

Publication Date: March 1, 2004

$11.95 Tradepaper

ISBN: 1-888996-98-6


The collection Appetite brings many kinds of appetites under its cover. Full of hungers, cravings, urges, nimble observations and taste for discoveries, Appetite reflects a sense of yearning, satisfied or unsatisfied, for different nourishments that are both earthly and spiritual. Some poems are oriented toward the organic world of foods, cooked or still raw as foods to become, some toward specific objects from our daily life such as a door, a pair of tweezers, a pillow, while some others mark the encounter with an artwork-Calder’s mobiles, Cornell’s boxes, or Cezanne’s card players.

As different as these poems may be, each encapsulates a small but durable moment of discovery. An inquisitive movement of desire inhabits the variety of these poems that the poet’s language crystallizes into a lingering and memorable experience.

The sensual feast is also linguistic feast. Like a good cook with carefully selected ingredients, the poet with discriminate taste makes the language concentrate its effects and invites the movement of the tongue to articulate each discovery with a subtle liaison of the concrete with the abstract, the sensual with the metaphysical, the appetite with its renewed satisfaction. Revealing the uncanny, secret life of things, these poems confer an aura of magic to objects that would otherwise be deemed ordinary. With a rare mix of humor and serenity Appetite reveals a world that has not yet lost its enchantment.


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