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John McCullough

Publication Date: January 1, 2007

ISBN: 978-0954244378


A selection of 23 poems which focus on the shifting qualities of water and trans-Atlantic relationships and also on processes of metamorphosis, travel and change. This chapbook gathers together new work and poems from John McCullough’s debut pamphlet Unplugged at Cafe Atlantic.


Dariel Suarez, author of THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE, published by LitHub!

As an undergraduate creative writing student, one piece of feedback kept appearing on the margin of my stories: awkward phrasing. Red markings littered my pages, arrows pointing every which way, words circled or crossed out, re-written passages squeezed between lines. As a result, I began to obsess over language. Click here to read more!

THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE by Dariel Suarez featured on WBUR

Now that spring weather has graced us with its mild temperatures, daylight has been saved, and the vaccine will soon be available to all adults in Massachusetts, there are plenty of reasons for your mood to be on the sunnier side. This past year has provided plenty of opportunities for intense personal reflections, so these […]


Dariel Suarez’s THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE is Featured on Los Angeles Review of Books

American’s fascination with the mystery and allure of an island that for years they couldn’t access has led them to mythologize Cuba’s history. Those myths of a land stuck in time are only reinforced as American tourists are now ferried about Havana in restored 1950s Buicks, Chevys, and Oldsmobiles, and sit in cafés sipping rum […]

THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE reviewed by On The Seawall!

This July, Cuba erupted into its widest protests in a generation. News reports credit food and medicine shortages and summer power outages as the catalysts for the demonstrations which have been countered by a government crackdown involving mass arrests and summary trials, sparking an international outcry.

Dariel Suarez’s New Book THE PLAYWRIGHT’S HOUSE reviewed on New Pages!

Set in Havana, Cuba, The Playwright’s House is an expansive yet intimate novel about a young lawyer Serguey and his family when their father Felipe, a notable theater director, is detained by state security, disrupting the mirage of personal ambition and stability that Serguey has worked towards. Read the full review here!


In Dariel Suarez’s debut novel, The Playwright’s House, to be released in June from Red Hen Press, the realities of living in Havana under a communist state are brought alive through vivid detail and a sense of lived experience. Suarez, a Cuban who came to the United States in 1997, seems to know the streets of […]