Lisa Greer

Lisa Zola Greer is a fundraising coach, nonprofit changemaker, major donor, and author of the bestselling book Philanthropy Revolution. She is on a mission to “Save Giving” by providing a clear path to success supported by data, statistics, and interviews. With her help and direction, the nonprofit world will see more engaged and energized donors, more sustainable organizations with increased impact, and a more honest philanthropic culture that will create a larger and more loyal donor pool.

Currently, Lisa serves as commissioner of the California State Commission on the Status of Women and Girls where she sits on the Executive Committee. She also serves on the international board of the New Israel Fund, Alliance for Middle East Peace, and the Executive Committee of the Cedars-Sinai Board of Governors, as well as the Beverly Hills Community Charitable Foundation. She has also served as commissioner and chair of the Beverly Hills Cultural Heritage Commission and trustee of the Jewish Community Foundation of Los Angeles, and she has served as a board member of many organizations, including the LA District Attorney’s Crime Prevention Foundation, Make-a-Wish of Greater Los Angeles, Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles, and others.

Earlier in her career, Lisa was a studio executive at NBC and Universal Studios, and she founded and led several companies in the digital media and entertainment businesses. Lisa cofounded and sits on the board of Tandem Careplanning, a new business that elevates the homecare experience for both care seekers and caregivers. A native of Los Angeles, Lisa holds a bachelor’s degree in history from UCLA and an MBA from Pepperdine University.

With her husband Josh, the Greers have hosted over 200 charitable salons and events at their home in Beverly Hills, and they are passionate, involved donors to many causes that are meaningful to them and their friends and family.

Lisa is the proud mother of three millennials, two Gen Zers, and two dogs.

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Bright green cover featuring an illustrated tree, with text reading: "From the bestselling author of PHILANTHROPY REVOLUTION, The Fundraiser's Handbook, A Guide to Maximizing Donations, Retaining Donors, and Saving the Giving Sector for Good by Lisa Greer"


The Essential Fundraiser’s Handbook, Lisa Greer’s second book, draws upon her body of work and provides a topic-by-topic breakdown of the industry’s most pressing issues. Written in her refreshingly honest, magnetically inspiring voice, The Essential Fundraiser’s Handbook provides a much-needed resource for teams to explore often-overlooked opportunities, common mistakes, the most effective tools, proven solutions, and innovative new techniques for guaranteeing success and advancing their organizations’ missions.


“Lisa’s second book, The Essential Fundraiser’s Handbook, is an absolute game changer for anyone working in the field of philanthropy. As someone who has been part of various fundraising teams, I can confidently say that this book is a much-needed resource that will revolutionize the way organizations approach their missions and fundraising practices. What sets this book apart is Lisa’s refreshing, honest, and magnetically inspiring voice. Her ability to tackle the industry’s most pressing issues, providing a topic-by-topic breakdown, is commendable and digestible for the practicing fundraiser. Each chapter delves into crucial aspects of our sector, shedding light on often-overlooked opportunities, common mistakes, and most effective, proven tools and solutions. One of the standout chapters for me was ‘The Future of Philanthropy: What does it look like and how can your team be the first to arrive?’ Lisa’s insights into the evolving landscape of philanthropy are invaluable. She pushes readers to think beyond the traditional approaches and embrace innovative techniques to guarantee success. Another chapter that resonated with me was ‘Avoiding Tone-Deaf Outreach.’ In a world where communication is key, Lisa expertly guides fundraisers on the importance of crafting messages that truly connect with donors. She emphasizes the significance of genuine, meaningful relationships over the allure of new tech tools that can sometimes obscure the donor experience. Throughout the book, Lisa explores various topics, such as the $234 Billion Opportunity of Donor-Advised Funds, the significance of adding millennials to boards, retaining recurring donors, and different types of giving. Her comprehensive approach ensures that readers gain a well-rounded understanding of the fundraising landscape. The Fundraiser’s Handbook is more than just a guide; it’s a mentor, a trusted companion for anyone seeking to excel in fundraising. I highly recommend this book to fundraisers of all levels, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your journey. Lisa’s wisdom and expertise will undoubtedly help you advance your organization’s mission and achieve the success you strive for.” —Kassie Cosgrove, Senior Development Officer, Loyola University New Orleans