Marlene Joyce Pearson

Marlene Joyce Pearson teaches writing and literature at California State University, Northridge and California State University, Los Angeles. She has won the Academy of American Poets Award and twice won the Rachael Sherwood Poetry Prize. She writes poetry and fiction and is constantly at work on a variety of photographic projects.

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A Fine Day for a Middle Class Marriage

Marlene Joyce Pearson

Publication Date: December 1, 1996

$9.95 Tradepaper

ISBN: 1-888996-00-5



“Pearson’s poetry astonishes— her range is wide and profound. She explores the loss, the mundane, and quirkiness of life with passionate joy. Her skillful images and wry tone linger, encouraging you to reread her poems— to put yourself inside her poems, inside the very essence of what it means to be woman, to be human. A stunning and highly enjoyable collection!”—Jewell Rhodes, author of “Voodoo Dreams”

“Marlene Pearson is a domestic fabulist of the first order, spinning poems out of the beautiful damage of our lives. Let us welcome these vibrant cadences, this music unafraid of what hurts and haunts us, what lifts our bodies to the light.”—Dorothy Barresi, author of “The Post-Rapture Diner”