Andrew Lam Interviewed by Asian Fortune News

Journalist Jenny Chen for Asian Fortune News sat down with Red Hen author Andrew Lam to discuss his short story collection Birds of Paradise.

In the interview, Lam discusses an array of topics, including the difficulties of writing fiction, his experiences as a Vietnamese immigrant in the United States, and Vietnamese diaspora.

Lam states in the interview, “I hope to share the sadness and joy of those who had been robbed of their homeland but who managed to remake themselves in the New World. In some way, while their stories are particular to their history, their experience is universal – losing home, remaking one’s self, see the optimism in the tragic, spiritual awakening through tragedy. All these things are not meant for any particular group or readership but for anyone who is interested in the human condition.”

Read the full interview, as well as an excerpt from Birds of Paradise entitled “The Palmist,” here: